Early Childhood Education

Child-first Philosophy

As young children join our school community, we are aware of the variety of different experiences they bring with them including family dynamics, their own interests, and other learning experiences. That’s why we let the children take the lead and work to meet them where they are. We blend Classroom and Reggio Emilia programming in a play-based environment to create a caring, loving classroom community for our students.

Play-based Learning

Research shows that children feel the safest, most comfortable, and most creative when at play. We want school to be fun and to foster a lifetime love of learning. Thematic, hands-on lessons incorporate early literacy, mathematics, and science but always are structured in developmentally appropriate ways.

What is Best for Your Child?

We offer a variety of early childhood classes, some of which are half/full day and age-specific and others which offer looping, depending on what is best for your child and your family. 

Our two year old Tots Program offers a unique opportunity for young children to grow in confidence alongside their parents/caregivers as they first experience a school environment.

Plan Your Tour Today

We invite you to visit our school and discover what our community and school has to offer you and your child. You can tour our facilities, meet our Principal and teachers, see our students in action, and experience the Alphonsus difference.